QuikSprings™ Water Recycling Systems

Reliable water treatment systems that make sense!!

Nothing yields a faster return on investment (ROI) than a QuikSprings Water recycling system.

When it comes to water treatment, engineering-experience matters ... a lot! We have been designing and manufacturing reliable water recycling and treatment systems since 1994. Dedicated experience you can trust!

For some growers, utility savings can add up to $15,000 or more a month ... money that can make or break you. Nowadays, it's all about saving water, energy, and sewer expense. "Going green" never looked so good. Our advanced computerization and fully automated, self-maintenance makes QuikSprings so simple to operate.

Make your company competitive and increase your bottom line—big time!

The kind of operational savings help give you instant competitive advantage. And, as utility costs go up, you will not have to worry – nor will you need to run to the “rurals” in search of cheap water and sewer.

Fall in love all over again ...

Our customers who own a QuikSprings love them and wouldn't even think about going without it. ... and neither should you.

Safe, Reliable, Proven Performance ...

For over 20 years and having recycled billions of gallons of water, our systems stand alone in proven performance, reliability, safety, and simplicity. Nothing else out there comes even close – reliable water recycling that makes absolute business sense.

Make it happen ...

Quiksilver loves to make it simple and easy ...

  • Advanced processing, process control, monitoring, & automated responses systems.
  • Process rates: up to 1 million plus gallons per day (configured per customer needs)
  • Continuous computerized water quality monitoring with automated responses including water source switch-over.
  • Water tempering control integration to heating/cooling equipment for automatic and precise temperature regulation.
  • Turnkey-- includes everything you need to start recycling.
  • CAD engineering & layout drawings integrated to your facility.
  • Professional installation assistance and on-site training.

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