Plantation™ Green Systems (Trays)

Quiksilver Plantation™ Green-Leaf Sprouting System, provides discreet care for each rack group. You can have as many racks as you care to squeeze in a 24 x 80' area. Plantation provides 24-7 tender loving care for your sprouts and with proven rock-solid reliability.
  • Advanced computer station complete with automated control for: (1) Quiksilver server with up to (8) vertical watering bars. Simple, easy-to-operate control
  • Quiksilver RS2007 software, discreet control for each individual rack group.
  • Fully-automated, variable, speed control for the perfect mist delivery.
  • Optional printer station with water-resistant printer box.
  • Automatic server torque/load compensator (for holding constant speed).
  • Growing room remote control.
  • Turn-key system gives you everything you need for the perfect green-leaf rack system. "Competitive edge ... it's what we deliver!"2
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