Q8200™ Bean Sprouting (Turnkey) Systems

Command top dollar with consistently superior sprouts with THE top sprouting system in the industry. And in this business, sprout quality is everything!


Q8200s are focused on producing consistently superior sprouts -- with the very least amount of human effort. And, as any of our Q8200 customers will tell you, you won't find a more reliable sprout system anywhere in the industry.


Room Bean Sprouting System, advanced computer controlled, Q8200 automated nutrient application, discreet delivery to each individual bin precisely what it needs according to its growth cycle. Properly designed, sturdy bins that encourage healthy sprout development and are easy to clean ...

  • Computer station complete with automated control for: 1 or 2 Quiksilver servers per system.Quiksilver RSOO7 software, delivers discreet control for each individual sprouting bin. Simple, intuitive operator interface.
  • Fully automated variable speed server(s) deliver precisely the right amount of water and nutrient according to each individual bin's needs for optimal sprout development.
  • Temperature readout/printout package; program interactive – 1-3 temperature probes.
  • Quiksilver Nutrient-1, fully-automatic nutrient mixing and discreet spray application.
  • Quiksilver Nutrient-2, fully-automatic nutrient mixing and discreet spray application.
  • Quik-Chill feature (optional)--for automatically chilling the sprouts right in the bin prior to harvesting.
  • Drip-Dry feature--for automatically drip-drying any bin prior to harvesting.
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy, Quikcleanz™ mobile sprouting bins. Easily transported with a standard pallet jack. Sizes: 4'x5', 5'x5' and 4'x7'. Sanitary stainless steel construction with durable lite-weight FDA plastic removable doors, front & rear access, easy-to-clean removable floor panels, abrasion-resistant slider feet.
  • Automatic server torque/load compensator holds precise delivery speeds regardless of length of track.
  • Handy, system remote controls integrated into the growing room(s).
  • Interactive report generator with printer. Includes water-resistant printer box that matches styling of main computer box. Practical reports document critical system functions.
  • CAD system layout and design provided specific to customer's facility and needs.
  • Installation assistance and training.
  • Quiksilver's Q8200 operations & procedures reference manual.2

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