WhirlWin™ Spin Dryer

The WhirlWin™ has been discontinued.
See our Mach-4™ for super-effective dry, waterless de-hulling.

WhirlWin™ means unsurpassed reliability.

Fast, smart, safe, reliable ... our WhirlWin™ sprout dryer is THE winner of the spinners.

  • High speed spinning for fast drying.
  • Automatic dynamic brake--stops quickly to reduce waiting time and to increase productivity.
  • Automatic safety lid lock--locks lid & remains locked until rotation stops.
  • Vibration detection with auto shutoff.
  • Uses standard 20 gallon Rubbermaid brand Brut cans.
  • Adjustable-clutch-tensioner safety lid positioner.
  • Heavy duty drivetrain with washdown epoxy coated continuous-duty motor.
  • Extra-low-profile top-loading design.
  • Lightweight "ballistic proof" FDA plastic shroud with stainless steel frame & clear viewing window.
  • Water-resistant control box; vibration isolation for circuitry protection and reliability.
  • Low-friction slider feet makes sliding around easy for quick cleanup.
  • Smart Quiksilver design and attractive styling.

WhirlWin™ Spin Dryers-- the winner of the spinners!

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