MACH-4 DRY™ Waterless De-huller

The "MACH speed" labor-saving dehuller ...

The MACH4™ sprout dehulling machines super-clean up to 4000 pounds of sprouts per hour...
Waterless technology with advanced resonance amplification for unsurpassed dehulling effectiveness. Removes 100% of the seed hulls quickly, easily, and without water—delivers sprouts that are cleaner, dryer, and that have higher shelf life.2

(See our MACH4's predecessor in action. Please note the footage is done in the 90s, and therefore, this video is not the best quality. It is only intended to show case how well our dehulling machine operates without water.)

  • Clean mung sprouts and oily, sticky soy sprouts all with one awesome machine!
  • Many times more efficient than other methods. Does the work of a whole line of machines costing many times the price.
  • Delivers such superior cleaning and effective water removal that it makes blower-type, so-called "air knives" look ridiculous.
  • And of course, so much better than those bulky, messy, expensive wash-tank machines–no comparison there either!
  • Low-noise, amazingly smooth & quiet operation for pleasing working conditions.
  • Amazingly, the machine is less than 9' long—yet does a better job than a room-full of other machines! Simplicity at at its best ...
  • Easy to clean–designed with convenient air-gaps to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. No need to disassemble when performing detailed cleaning.
  • Food-plant, heavy industrial design for years of continuous, trouble-free service.
  • High quality stainless steel construction throughout.
  • A highly focused Quiksilver design specifically for effective & efficient DRY cleaning of all sorts of bean sprouts.

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